January 2012
Where is the most reasonable place to build the artificial turf with underfloor heating system?
September 2013
Renovating the Sepa stadium is the best option!
January 2015
Tartu City Council issues the building permit
May 2015
Gathering up local support and starting the preparations to plan the biggest crowdfunding in Estonia´s sports history.
November 2015
Start of the crowdfunding campaign. We open our website www.jalgpallikeskus.ee
December 2015
We hope to successfully finish with the crowdfunding by the end of 2015.
April 2016
The start of construction works
July 2016
10.07.2016 - Opening festival and Estonia´s biggest crowd-watching of EURO 2016 Final
Sepa Football Centre serves more than 100 000 visitors in a year

Our story

We want to fulfill the dreams of young footballers. Our hometown Tartu has about 2000 footballers, most of them kids aged 6-19. We have no proper pitches to train on during the cold winter months which you can imagine, are quite common in Estonia. Hundreds of kids are playing on icy overcrowded pitches, which hinders their development and makes injuries a common occurrance. We love football, but we hate the conditions we have to play in.

We have a vision to change that. We want to rebuild an old stadium into a modern training complex,  complete   with a  grass pitch and an underheated artificial pitch  to train in  winter.  The project costs about 450 000€, which sounds like a  small amount in modern football, but is huge for us. We're financing 2/3 of the project with a bank loan and some help from the FA, but to get the last 150 000€ to complete the project , we have started one of Estonia's biggest crowdfunding campaigns. We're literally making history.

Since we're lacking square metres to train on, we're gathering the funds square metre by square metre. Everyone can pitch in, get their very own square metre of the new pitch and write their name in Estonian football history. It all ends next July with a huge football festival - every donor is invited to Estonia's biggest public viewing of the EURO 2016 final. Hopefully by then in our brand new stadium, where you can check out your own square metre by yourself.